Harald Rohrmoser

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  • At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy sous vide instruction
  • At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy sous vide instructionAt Sunrice Global01

"When using fusionchef by Julabo for first vacuum cooking applications in our brand new culinary labs, results are very impressive. Our international faculty team is particularly happy to have a quality product on board that provides highly accurate and reliable results in all applications to our students.

In At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, we run a state of the art integrated Food & Beverage Campus, and one of our goals is to educate chefs from the industry on how to apply practical sous vide and low-temperature cooking in their respective fields.

We are using, fusionchef by Julabo with full temperature probe control and the opportunity to have a PC-driven software connection to monitor the cooking process on a Lap-Top. This is especially useful to enable our experienced Chef Instructors to fine-tune settings and recipes for optimum results.

Our educational mission also includes the application of Eastern & Western skills and recipes. In this sense we also utilize fusionchef by Julabo to apply sous vide cooking to traditional Asian ingredients and dishes from the Asian region to achieve highly consistent and accurate results and improving textures and shelf life."

Harald Rohrmoser
Chief Chef Instructor / Certified German Masterchef

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