Paul Froggatt

  • Paul Froggatt

"I started using the water bath when I took my first position as Chef de Cuisine at San Marco almost three years ago. I needed my cooking to be perfect as it was real new challenge for me. With limited kitchen space and the dining room being two floors away, I needed to pay attention to every aspect of operations. I had experienced sous vide cooking in Relais Bernard Loiseau and it was really fascinating to see what results I could develop on my own in my new "Asian" environment.

Today, as Chef de Cuisine for Saint Pierre Relais & Chateaux, I create dishes combining amazing flavours, impeccable textures and more importantly - perfect consistency.

The fusionchef by Julabo circulator is my new best friend."

Paul Froggatt
Chef de Cuisine

Saint Pierre - Relais & Chateaux

3 magazine road
# 01-01  Central Mall
Singapore 059570