Drink Beeman’s Hive with sous vide infusion

  • Beemans Hive Janjehli
Jan Jehli
Level of difficulty:

30 ml beeswax gin infusion        
20 ml wild berry brandy PONYBLEND        
30 ml ACID apple juice                
20 ml spruce shoots syrup            
50 ml Kessler Hochgewächs sparkling wine        

Beeswax gin (sous vide infusion):
935 g/1.000 l Beefeater Gin 47%vol.                        
100 g beeswax, pellets                    

Wild berry brandy PONYBLEND:
300 ml Schladerer wild raspberry brandy        
300 ml Faude feine Brände raspberry brandy        
400 ml Hiebel wild blackberry brandy        

ACID apple juice:
950 g apple juice, clear filtered                        
30 g malic acid, crystalline                        
20 g citric acid, crystalline                

Spruce shoots syrup:
615 g granulated sugar                        
500 g / 500 ml water, filtered                    
100 g sorrel, cleaned                
3 g ascorbic acid                        
109 g / 115 ml spruce shoots brandy    

To serve:
Sealing beeswax


Beeswax gin (sous vide infusion):
Cool gin in freezer to at least -5 °C. Add all ingredients to a vacuum bag and vacuum to at least 100 mbar. Cook for 60 minutes at 67.5 °C in the fusionchef sous vide water bath. Let infusion cool down in the ice bath for 15 minutes. Filter through a mesh screen and then, muslin cloth, and portion for storage

Wild berry brandy PONYBLEND:
Mix the fruit brandies well and portion into air-tight containers for storage.

ACID apple juice:
Mix crystalline acids well, add to apple juice, and mix. Portion into air-tight containers for storage.

Spruce shoots syrup:
Mix ascorbic acid with sugar. Add all ingredients into blender and blend. Filter through a mesh screen and then, 100-micron superbag, and portion into air-tight containers for storage.

Add all ingredients except the sparkling wine into an ice-filled shaker, shake forcefully and strain twice into a pre-cooled champagne glass. Add sparkling wine and decorate with sealing beeswax.

This recipe was kindly provided by Jan Jehli / One Trick Pony. Photo:  2017 © Lennart Fritze