Spiced Apple - Sous vide Infused Vodka Mule

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Fabian Vandrey
Level of difficulty:

Spiced vodka (sous vide infusion):
250 ml Absolut Vodka
10 g Spice blend Arabian Nights from Spirit of Spice
1 bar spoon of cinnamon
4 Apple slices
Melted butter for frying

4.5 cl Mastic Tears Lemon
1 cl Spiced vodka
4 cl Naturally cloudy apple juice
2 cl Lemon juice
0.1 l ginger beer
Apple chips as decoration


Spiced vodka (sous vide infusion):
Pan-fry the apple slices for 20 seconds in the melted butter, remove from the heat and allow to cool. Vacuum seal the mixed spices and 2 g cinnamon together with the vodka. Cook the Sous Vide for 30 minutes at 70 °C in the sous vide Water Bath from fusionchef. Afterwards cool down in ice-cold water.

Cocktail :
Briefly shake all the ingredients except for the ginger beer with some ice and then strain into a tall glass. Top up with lemonade and decorate with apple chips

This recipe was kindly provided by Fabian Vandrey.