Duck Liver sous vide

  • Hígado de pato sous videEntenleber Chefmaroun
Maroun Chedid
Level of difficulty:

Oriental Flavored Duck Liver:
1 Stück, 80 g  Sliced duck liver    
10 ml Pomegranate molasses            
40 g Moghrabieh pilaf in saffron broth            
25 g Beetroot purée with pomegranate        
15 g Saffron velouté            
3 g Honey cress            
5 g Apple blossom cress

Duck Liver (Sous vide):
665 g Duck liver
4 g Salt
2 g Cinnamon powder
2 g Cloves powder
18 ml White Porto
8 ml Cognac
2 g White pepper
4 g Star Anise

Beetroot Purée:
120 g Roasted beetroot
8 g Pomegranate molasses
8 g Cardamom
10 g Vegetable stock
30 g Butter
5 g Salt
3 g Black pepper

Moghrabieh in saffron broth:
1 L Chicken broth
8 pc Bay Leaves
1 g Saffron
14 g Cinnamon Sticks
5 g Cloves
175 g Moghrabieh

Saffron Velouté Stock Base:
1 L Chicken Broth
350 g Fresh cream
80 g White wine
20 g Thinly sliced shallots
8 g Saffron threads

Frothy Saffron Velouté:
100 g Saffron velouté stock base
20 g Fresh cream    
30 g Milk
20 g Butter cut into small cubes    
1 g Lecite    
to taste Salt and pepper


Oriental Flavored Duck Liver:
Panfry the duck liver and glaze with pomegranate molasses; place in a plate. Add the cooked moghrabieh on one side. Add the beetroot purée on the other side. Spoon the frothy saffron velouté. Garnish with honey cress and apple blossom cress    

Duck Liver (Sous vide):
Marinate the duck liver with all the ingredients. Then vaccum and place the thermometer prob in the center. Cook on steam mode in the fusionchef at 83° C for 3 minutes. Decrease the temperature to 63° C till the duck liver reaches 40° C. Then decrease the temperature to 52° C until the duck liver reaches the 50° C. Chill till later use.     

Beetroot Purée:
Blend the roasted beetroot, then add the pomegranate molasses, cardamom, vegetable stock butter. Mix all the ingredients together to get a homogeneous mixture.

Moghrabieh in saffron broth:
Bring chicken broth to a boil on low heat. Add bay leaves, saffron, cinnamon sticks and cloves; Simmer for 5 minutes to infuse. Add moghrabieh and leave to cook at low heat till soft. Remove and keep aside.    

Saffron Velouté Stock Base:
Mix all the ingredients together and simmer at low heat to infuse for 20 minutes.

Frothy Saffron Velouté:
Put the saffron velouté stock base in a sauce pan with the milk, fresh cream and lecite to simmer. Take off from the heat and add the butter cubes in sequence while frothing with hand held blender till it reaches the right consistency.    

This recipe was kindly provided by Maroun Chedid.