Lamb sous vide

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Maroun Chedid
Level of difficulty:

Freekeh with Lamb shank:
100 g Freekeh Pilaf
60 g Braised lamb shank
40 g Mastic Perfumed Veal Jus
5 g Roasted istachio
12 g Sliced Black Truffle
Thyme Flower

Lamb (sous vide):
1 Peace Lamb shank        
15 ml Olive Oil    
2 g Salt    
2 g White Pepper        
12 g Sweet Pepper        
0,15 g Cinnamon    
0,7 g Mastic        
0,7 g Cardamom Powder        
3,5 g Diced Onion        
3,5 g Diced Leek        
10 g Diced Celery        
8 g Diced Carrots        
1 Thyme Sprig        
1 Rosemary Sprig        
5 g Butter        
55 ml Red Wine Reduction, Reduce to 1.4 Liter    
20 ml Beef Jus        
2 Cracked Garlic

Mastic Perfumed Veal Jus:
50 g Shallots    
30 ml Olive Oil    
1000 g Veal Jus    
200 ml Red Wine Jus
0,5 g Saffron        
Mastic g 1,00        
2 g Sweet Pepper        
3 g Cinnamon        
1 g Cardamom        
to taste Salt    
If needed Cornflour Slurry     
40 g Butter        
to taste White Truffle Oil

Freekeh Pilaf:
70 ml Olive Oil
70 g Butter
500 g Minced Onion
125 g Medium Ground Beef Top Side
125 g Medium Ground Lamb Brisket
75 g Dry grapes
100 g Fried Mixed Nuts
1 Bay Leaf
2 Cinnamon Stick
100 g Red Wine
500 g Freekeh (washed, soaked for 3 hours & drained)
5 g Sal
2100 g Oriental Stock

Oriental Stock:
1 Btl. White Wine    
1 Btl. Red Wine        
6000 g Chicken Stock    
12 g Cinnamon Powder        
2 g Cumin Powder        
4 g Sweet Pepper        
2 g Caraway Powder        
4 g Mastic        
2 g Cardamom        
5 g Curcuma        
0,5 g Nutmeg        
180 g Chicken Powder        
100 g Beef Powder


Freekeh with Lamb shank:
Dress the freekeh pilaf in a plate. Top with the braised lamb shank. Pour over the mastic perfumed veal jus. Garnish with roasted pistachio, black truffle slice and thyme flower.

Lamb (sous vide):
Trim the lamb shank and pan-fry with the olive oil at medium heat on all sides until golden brown color. Chill the souris lamb shankto 2 °C and place in vacuum cooking bag. Season with salt, white pepper, sweet pepper, cinnamon, mastic and cardamom. Add all the diced vegetables, butter, herbs, reduced red wine, beef jus to the bag. Vacuum aand cook sous vide in fusionchef Waterbath for 36 hours at 66 °C. Take off the fusionchef, leave at room temperature for 10 minutes, place in a room temperature water for 10 minutes, add ice cubes and leave to chill.        

Mastic Perfumed Veal Jus:
Sweat the shallots with the olive oil, add the veal and red wine jus, all the spices and thyme. Simmer for 15 minutes at low heat. Put aside, cover and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Strain through a fine seive, bring back to a simmer and thicken slightly with cornflour slurry if needed.Finish with butter and white truffle oil. Adjust seasoning to taste with salt if needed.    

Freekeh Pilaf:
Heat the olive oil and butter in a sauce pot. Add minced onion and cook for 20 minutes on low heat till golden brown color. Add ground beef top side and ground lamb brisket, cook turning frequently on medium heat while breaking all meat lambs and leave to cook till water evaporates. Add dry grapes, fried mixed nuts, bay leaf and cinnamon stick, stir and cook for 10 minutes. Add red wine and simmer to reduce by half. Add freekeh, stir and cook at low heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Season with salt. Add half of the oriental stock, leave to simmer covered at low heat stirring over 4 minutes till the stock is absorbed. Add the second half of the stock, stir and cook till all the stock is absorbed and freekeh is cooked through.     

Oriental Stock:
Place all the ingredients together in a stock pot, bring to a simmer for 25 minutes, leave to infuse covered for 20 minutes. Strain and use.

This recipe was kindly provided by Chef Maroun.