Pink roasted veal Sous Vide

  • Pinkes_Kalbfleisch_Sous_VidePinkes Kalbfleisch Danilo Ange
Danilo Ange
Level of difficulty:

For 6 servings:

Pink roasted veal (Sous Vide):
120 g tuna in olive oil
800 g rear knuckle of veal
Salt and pepper
1 sprig of rosemary
60 g desalted anchovies
60 g desalted capers

Candied orange:
2 untreated oranges
200 ml water
20 g granulated sugar

Salsa Tonnata:
100 g mayonnaise



Pink roasted veal (Sous Vide):
Drain tuna olive oil. Remove fat from meat, salt and pepper. Vacuum the veal knuckle with rosemary, tuna, anchovies, and capers. Cook for 3 hours at 59 °C in the fusionchef Sous Vide water bath. Allow it to cool.

Candied orange:
Cut the orange peels into Julienne strips and add them to a small casserole dish with water and sugar. Simmer over low heat until the liquid has almost completely evaporated. Allow it cool.

Salsa Tonnata:
Remove meat from the bag. Puree tuna with capers and anchovies, add mayonnaise.

Cut the meat into slices, arrange on plates and serve with the Salsa Tonnata and orange peel.

This recipe was kindly provided by Danilo Ange.