Short Rib 48h

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Mattias Roock
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Short Rib 48h (Sous Vide)

600g short ribs (4 x 150g)
300g water
80g soy sauce
30g apple juice
15g mirin
7g sesame oil 
100g brown sugar
black pepper
1 piece shallots  
1 piece small carrots 
2 piece leek onion 
1 piece clove of garlic 
1 Tbsp grape seed oil


Short Rib 48h (Sous Vide)

Cook all ingredients except for the ribs and allow to simmer for 30 min. Allow to cool and then press through a sieve. Marinate the ribs with the sauce and put everything into a vacuum bag. Cook sous vide at 60°C for 48 hrs. After they are cooked, press the broth through a fine sieve. Then reduce it to the desired consistency.

I recommend white bean cassoulet and sweet potato fries.

This recipe was kindly provided by Mattias Roock.