Butternut squash soup sous vide

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Elizabeth Kearney
Cooking time:
3 hours
Level of difficulty:

For 6 people

1 medium butternut squash, peeled and cubed into small pieces
2 cups (460 g) of peeled and diced carrots
2 small apples, peeled and diced
1 medium yellow onion, peeled and finely diced
2 tablespoons (30 ml) olive oil
1 tablespoon (30 ml) of fresh ginger, peeled and grated
2 cloves of garlic, minced
4 cups (946 ml) low sodium chicken broth (optionally use vegetable broth for vegetarian)
¼ teaspoon (1 ml) ground nutmeg
¼ teaspoon (1 ml) cinnamon
Salt and pepper to taste
Crème Fraiche for garnish (optional)


In a small skillet over medium heat, add olive oil and sauté onions until translucent. Remove from heat and let cool.

Divide all the remaining ingredients, including the onions (with the exception of the broth); into a large bowl and toss to coat the squash, carrots and apple with the seasonings and equally place into two large sous vide pouches.  Remove as much air as possible with your hands and seal only.

Submerge the pouches into the water bath completely and cook sous vide at 85 °C in the fusionchef sous vide water bath for 2 hours until the squash and apples have softened.
Remove from heat and allow to cool before pureeing.

In batches, transfer soup to blender or use immersion blender and puree. Be sure not to over fill your blender if this is your method. Add salt and pepper to taste as needed.

Place the puree into a stock pot on medium/low to reheat and place into warm bowls, garnish with a dollop of crème fraiche (or sour cream) and serve.

Image: © emmi / Fotolia.com