Sous vide egg yellow from a Farmer´s egg

  • Sous Vide Eigelb vom Bauernei - Erlantz Gorostiza
Erlantz Gorostiza
Level of difficulty:

Red beet slices:
Cooked red beets
Speck butter
Valet Du Jura (cheese)

Egg yellows (sous vide):
Carbonara sauce:
1 l cream with 35% fat concentration
350 g Casalba speck

Puree of fresh herbs:
100 g parsley leaves
80 g chervil leaves
50 g leeks, whole

Herb salad:
4 tbsp. Carbonara
1 tbsp. herb puree

Pork jowl (sous vide):
1 Pork jowl

Truffle puree base:
450 g chopped truffles
30 g olive oil
450 g mineral water

Truffle puree:
400 g truffle puree base
500 g truffle jus
400 g truffle oil
150 g Beurre d´Echiré (butter out of Echiré/FR)

Serve with:
Truffle flakes
Different sprouts



Red beet slices:
Cut the cooked beets with a slicer (set at 0.5-1) into cubes. Cut each of the cubes into even smaller cubes. Then lay them on speck butter covered parchment paper. Also cover the beet cubes with plastic wrap that is covered in speck butter from the top so that they are completely protected. Put the sheets of cubes somewhere warm in order separate the cubes from the parchment paper and plastic wrap since the cold butter will make it difficult.

Valet Du Jura cubes:
Carve half centimeter cubes out of the cheese.  

Egg yellows (sous vide):
Cook the eggs in a fusionchef water bath at 62 ˚C. The time depends on the weight. Weigh the eggs separately (a farm egg usually weight circa 50-60 g) and use the rule of thumb “cook the egg 40 seconds per gram.” After cooking the eggs, separate the egg yellows from the egg whites and put into tiny shot glasses. Add some sunflower oil so that each egg yellow is covered completely. Before serving, drain.

Carbonara sauce:
Slowly sauté the Speck. Pour out all the grease that appears from cooking. Add the cream and reduce for at least 90 minutes on an induction stovetop at level 2.  Remove from the cooking area, cover with plastic wrap and let set for 30 minutes. Filter it through a strainer, push it through and then blend in a Thermomix. Fill the result in a container and put in the freezer.

Herb salad:
Mix the Carbonara sauce with the herb puree.

Pork jowl (sous vide):
Cook it in a fusionchef water bath for 20 hours at 65 ˚C. Cool in ice water and set aside.

Truffle puree base:
Lightly sauté the chopped truffles in olive oil, add mineral water and cook on low heat for 20 minutes. Put in a Thermomix and blend for 3 minutes on high.

Truffle puree:
Cook the butter until it is a hazelnut brown color. Add the truffle puree base and cook it for 20 seconds on high. Then take it off the cooking area. With the truffle jus and the truffle oil blend in a Thermomix until you have a very delicate puree. Add salt and put into small vacuum bags.

This recipe was generously provided by Erlantz Corostiza.