• Cooking sous vide

Cooking Sous Vide or cooking in a vacuum offers a tremendous spectrum of different uses in both professional kitchens and in the home. Deliciously tender, juicy meat and fish dishes, being able to cook food so that it is exactly and perfectly done, a minimal loss of weight during cooking while at the same time retaining nutrients, aroma and vitamins – all that is sous vide cooking, and more. The preconditions for excellent results are the high quality of the food products used, the special processes tailored to sous vide cooking as well as knowing what the process is and how it works. Heiko Antoniewicz, one of the pioneers of modern cuisine, has been studying this cooking process for a long time and in great depth. In this book he has drawn on all his experience to offer not only practical knowledge, applications, advice and suggestions but also more than 100 wonderful sous vide recipes for fish, meat, vegetables and fruit dishes. In many cases it is Antoniewicz’ special little tips, for instance that garlic should definitely be blanched before adding to a sous vide pouch or that only very young garlic should be used that make this book so very useful. The recipes include information as to the kind of pouch to be used, what degree of vacuum is best, the cooking times as well as the temperatures of the water bath or combisteamer, all in clear, easy to read tables. The theoretical chapters include ground-breaking details from Douglas Baldwin and detailed information about vacuum creation, water baths and combisteamers. With amazing photography, fantastic design and excellent food styling – this is a sous vide book as only Antoniewicz can write it.

Heiko Antoniewicz
326 pages