Mexican elbow Sous Vide

  • Mexican Elbow Sous VideMexican Elbow Boris Groener
Boris Gröner
Level of difficulty:

Coriander tequila (Sous Vide):
2000 g tequila
100 g fresh coriander
10 g ascorbic acid

Passion fruit syrup:
1000 g passion fruit puree
500 g water
1500 g sugar

Chipotle essence (Sous Vide):
100 g dried chipotle
100 ml neutral alcohol 96.4% ABV

Sal de gusano solution:
1000 g water
50 g sal de gusano

57 ml coriander tequila
40 ml passion fruit syrup
1 ml chipotle essence
1 ml sal de gusano solution 10%
20 ml pickle water
20 ml lime juice


Coriander tequila (Sous Vide):
Purée tequila, coriander and ascorbic acid in the blender then vacuum. Cook for 2 hours at 45°C in the fusionchef Sous Vide water bath. Cool in ice bath and strain.

Passion fruit syrup:
Mix passion fruit purée with water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved.

Chipotle essence (Sous Vide):
Purée dried chipotle in a blender with the neutral alcohol. Vacuum and cook for 60 minutes at 75°C in the fusionchef Sous Vide water bath. Cool in ice bath and strain using a coffee filter.

Sal de gusano solution:
Heat the water. Grind the sal de gusano in an impact mill, dissolve in water and strain.

Mix the coriander tequila, passion fruit syrup, chipotle essence, sal de gusano solution, pickle water and lime juice.

This recipe was kindly provided by Boris Gröner.