Olive & Fennel Liqueur sous vide

  • Oliven-Fenchel LikörOliven Fenchel Alexkratena
Alex Kratena
Cooking time:
1 hour
Level of difficulty:

500 g Vodka
150 g Cerignola Olives
100 g Fennel
5g of Malic acid
300 g Caster sugar
200 g Water


Chop olives & fennel and place with rest of the ingredients into vac pac bag, seal and cook sous vide in the fusionchef bath for 1 hour at 70 °C. Allow the mixture to cool down, open the bag and strain using super bag, or coffee filter.  Store in bottle or airtight container.

To assemble and serve:
Place liqueur into fridge and serve chilled straight up, or on the rocks.

This recipe was generously provided by Alex Kratena.