Tequila Beans Sous Vide

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Zachary Smith
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Drink Tequila beans:

1.5 oz white Tequila

1 oz Tepache

0.75 oz lime sherbet
0.5 oz Campari w

ith chili pepper coffee, and cocoa shell extract

3 dashes of Orange Bitter

3 dashes of saline solution 



1 pineapple
2 tamarind pods
12 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
200 ml of filtered water
450 g brown sugar


Lime sherbet, yields 1.4 liters:

120 g lime zest
640 g sugar
1 liter of lime juice, freshly squeezed


Campari with chili pepper, coffee, and cocoa shell extract, yields 500 ml (sous vide):

40 g crushed coffee beans
5 g chopped chili pepper
5 g cocoa shells
500 ml Campari



Drink Tequila beans

Add all ingredients into a shaker and mix with ice. Once the drink is cold enough, strain twice and serve in a tumbler glass with a large ice cube. 



Wash pineapple lightly, remove peel and leaves. Chop the pulp into large pieces and slowly juice with a juicer. Place the bowl of pineapple puree, tamarind pods (peel off), cloves and cinnamon stick in a fermentation bucket. Cover with filtered water. Ferment for 4 days, then add the brown sugar and chill for 2 days. Finally, strain through a sieve lined with a cheesecloth and fill in a bottle.


Lime sherbet:

When peeling the lime zest, avoid the white skin as much as possible. Add sugar. Mix well and leave covered overnight. Then mix the freshly squeezed lime juice with the sugar and the zest. Heat slowly until the sugar has completely dissolved. Strain and pour into a bottle.


Campari with chili pepper, coffee, and cocoa shell extract (Sous Vide):

Mix crushed coffee beans, chopped chili peppers, and cocoa shells with Campari in a bag. Vacuum the bag with a vacuum of 90 %. Cook for 80 minutes at 62 °C in the fusionchef sous vide water bath. Then cool directly in an ice bath. After cooling, strain and pour into a bottle.


This recipe was kindly provided by Zachary Smith.