Fish & Seafood

Roasted sturgeon

Alexander Herrmann
April 2019

Carabinero with almond milk and honey vinegar

Heiko Antoniewicz
March 2015

Codfish with red beet

Heiko Antoniewicz
March 2015

Cod with leeks, sweet potatoes and wild greens

George Stylianoudakis
June 2016

Zurich-style fish with sea bass

Jürgen Kettner
August 2016

Salmon confit

Emmanuel Stroobant
April 2015

Lobster with beetroot

Thomas Bühner
December 2016

Octopus with stracciatella and beetroot

Danilo Ange
November 2017

Cobia with Red Beets

Kornél Szemerédi
September 2018

Cobia with cress

Christina Steindl
October 2018

Minestrone with squash and Mermaid King Prawns

Frederik Jud
October 2015

Salmon Mi-Cuit

Juan Freire
May 2019

Warm oyster with marinade

Erlantz Gorostiza
May 2016

Ikarimi Salmon

Tim Raue
June 2019

Chicory with Salmon

Heiko Antoniewicz
March 2015

Filet of salmon with Pepquinos

Heiko Antoniewicz
March 2015

Trout and sea bass

Alex Vidal
July 2016

Sea bass and arctic char

Christina Steindl
April 2016