fusionchef presents and takes part in many exhibitions all over the world and provides first hand information on the method and the Premium Sous Vide Collection. Pure sous vide live. This overview will inform you on all the exhibitions and events where you can meet fusionchef. We are looking forward to seeing you at our next presentation.

Exhibitionsort descending Date Booth City
Junge WildeJunge Wilde 1. Vorentscheidung Junge Wilde 2018 15.01.2018 Austria Graz
Junge WildeJunge Wilde 2. Vorentscheidung Junge Wilde 2018 29.01.2018 Austria Wien
Junge WildeJunge Wilde 3. Vorentscheidung Junge Wilde 2018 12.02.2018 Germany Berlin
acf national conventionAcfchefs 400x400 ACF National Convention 15.07.2018 to 19.07.2018 USA New Orleans, LA
Logo Agecotel2018 Agecotel 04.02.2018 to 07.02.2018 France Nice
conference.catersourceCslogo Nace Catersource 18.02.2018 to 21.02.2018 USA Las Vegas, NV
ChefalpsChefalps Chefalps 27.05.2018 to 28.05.2018 Switzerland Zürich
Logo Eurogastro2018 Eurogastro 21.03.2018 to 23.03.2018 Poland Warsaw
Junge WildeJunge Wilde Finale Junge Wilde 2018 mit GPN Süllberg 12.03.2018 Germany Hamburg
Logo Foodexpo Foodexpo 18.03.2018 to 20.03.2018 Denmark Herning