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Angus-Wagyu shoulder, licorice, garlic, Hirter Morchl beer

Dennis Bachus
October 2020


Jens Glatz
June 2017

Albers Flank Steak with Smoked trout foam

Stephan Haupt
January 2019

Sirloin with heirloom roots and champignon

Marius Tim Schlatter
July 2016

Carrot with Brown Butter Parfait and Raspberries

Andreas Kröckel
June 2021

Saddle of Venison with Hokkaido Pumpkin

Michael Kempf
April 2015

Chaos Coco Club

Andreas Schoeler
November 2017

Tequila Beans

Zachary Smith
July 2019

„Waldviertler Surf & Turf“

Klaus Hölzl
November 2020

Beetroot with tofu and cranberry

René Frank
June 2017


Jens Glatz
October 2018

White asparagus on a St. George´s mushroom mayonnaise foam

Erlantz Gorostiza
March 2016

Variations on carrots, mandarins and parsley

Marius Tim Schlatter
July 2016

Rib Fingers / Carinthian Lardo / Wild Mustard

Florian Hipp
July 2021

Duck Leg Sous Vide with Spelt-Sotto, Mustard Cream and Romanesco

Stefan Lemberger
March 2018

Oxtail à la Royale

Erlantz Gorostiza
April 2016

Blue cobia - royal barley – coral

Patrick Landerer
December 2020

Cauliflower soup with Ras el-Hanout

Heiko Antoniewicz
March 2015