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Iberico Pork Pluma

Christina Steindl
July 2016

Cocktail Naughty Girl

Alex Kratena
November 2017


Mattias Roock
April 2017

Flank Steak with Bull Testicles

Dominik Gaspar
November 2018

Jellied egg with forest mushrooms

Erlantz Gorostiza
April 2016

Minestrone with squash and Mermaid King Prawns

Frederik Jud
October 2015

Rose fish with fennel

Jan Philipp Berner
August 2016

Octopus with stracciatella and beetroot

Danilo Ange
November 2017

Saddle of Venison with Hokkaido Pumpkin

Michael Kempf
April 2015

Crème Brûlée

Annette Sandner
May 2017

Black Angus Bavette mit Pastinake

Christina Steindl
December 2018

Sea bass and arctic char

Christina Steindl
April 2016

Beef sirloin with celery cream

Daniel Phillips
November 2017

Coq au vin

Jens Glatz
June 2017

Floppy Poppy with poppy lemon infusion

Jan Jehli
October 2018

Lemon mousse with candy pineapple and banana

Danilo Ange
December 2016

Cauliflower soup with Ras el-Hanout

Heiko Antoniewicz
March 2015

Lamb with Hay Potatoes

Benedikt Faust
January 2018