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Angus-Wagyu shoulder, licorice, garlic, Hirter Morchl beer

Dennis Bachus
October 2020

Parsley Root

Heiko Antoniewicz
March 2015

Hay roast beef

Danilo Ange
May 2016

Beef sirloin with celery cream

Daniel Phillips
November 2017

Veal Shank with Red Wine an smashed Potatoes

Juan Freire
July 2019

Beef Bavette Steak with potatoes

Frederik Jud
November 2015

Zurich-style fish with sea bass

Jürgen Kettner
August 2016

Coq au vin

Jens Glatz
June 2017

Floppy Poppy with poppy lemon infusion

Jan Jehli
October 2018

Carrot with Brown Butter Parfait and Raspberries

Andreas Kröckel
June 2021

White Punch

Zachary Smith
July 2019

„Waldviertler Surf & Turf“

Klaus Hölzl
November 2020

Lamb with Hay Potatoes

Benedikt Faust
January 2018

Rib Fingers / Carinthian Lardo / Wild Mustard

Florian Hipp
July 2021

Venison heart

Stefan Glantschnig
August 2015

Spiced Apple - Infused Vodka Mule

Fabian Vandrey
December 2016


Annette Sandner
July 2017

Woodruff Wilson

Kinly Boys / The Kinly Bar
October 2018