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Duck Leg Sous Vide with Spelt-Sotto, Mustard Cream and Romanesco

Stefan Lemberger
March 2018

Egg with Iberian Pork Belly

Diego Dato
November 2018

Savoy Cabbage Praline / Chestnut / Pumpernickel / Horseradish

Stefan Lemberger
May 2018

Albers Bavette Steak with braised onions

Stefan Kohl
September 2015

Albers Flank Steak with Smoked trout foam

Stephan Haupt
January 2019

Albers Wagyu flank steak

Dennis Joza
April 2015

Angus-Wagyu shoulder, licorice, garlic, Hirter Morchl beer

Dennis Bachus
October 2020

Anugs-Wagyu Oyster Blade

Bernhard Zimmerl
September 2020

Apple millefeuille

Danilo Ange
August 2015

Apple millefeuille and cinnamon mousse

Danilo Ange
April 2015

Apple Vodka Soda

Alex Kratena
July 2020

Apples with custard

Heiko Antoniewicz
March 2015

Apricot Manhattan

Alex Kratena
August 2020

Apricots in Monbazillac

Andreas Miessmer
April 2015

Artichoke medley

Danilo Ange
November 2015

Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce

Heiko Antoniewicz
April 2015

Beans, pears and pork belly

July 2015

Beef Bavette Steak with potatoes

Frederik Jud
November 2015