King prawns sous vide with lime

  • Sous Vide Gambas mit LimoneGambas Heikoantoniewicz
Heiko Antoniewicz
Preparation time:
15 minutes
Cooking time:
20 minutes
Level of difficulty:

For 4 servings

12 large king prawns
60 ml olive oil
Zest and juice from ½ lime
Salt to taste


Mix the olive oil, lime juice, and zest. Season the mixture with salt. Shell the prawns and devein them. Then vacuum the prawns together with the oil mixture and cook sous vide them in your fusionchef sous vide water bath at 56 °C for 20 minutes. Fry them in a pan with a bit of oil. Salt them if necessary. Arrange the prawns on the salad and garnish.

We recommend serving this dish with: marinated rocket salad with marinated tomatoes and parmesan shavings.