Golden Gin Supreme Sous Vide

  • Golden Gin Sous VideGolden Gin Supreme Boris Groener
Boris Gröner
Level of difficulty:

Lemongrass and raspberry brandy (Sous Vide):
150 g lemongrass
2000 ml raspberry brandy

Gin concentrate:
25 g Szechuan pepper
5 g cubeb pepper
13 g juniper
5 g licorice root
1000 ml neutral alcohol 62% ABV
0.05 g anti-foam

Mandarin syrup:
1000 g mandarin purée
1500 g sugar
500 g water

40 ml lemongrass and raspberry brandy
5 ml gin concentrate
30 ml mandarin juice
20 ml lemon
55 ml sparkling wine


Lemongrass and raspberry brandy (Sous Vide):
Strike the lemongrass hard with a wooden hammer and vacuum with the raspberry brandy. Cook for 120 minutes at 72°C in the fusionchef Sous Vide water bath. Cool in ice bath and strain.

Gin concentrate:
Briefly sauté the Szechuan pepper and cubeb pepper in a pan. Mix with juniper and licorice root then grind in an impact mill. Mix all ingredients with the neutral alcohol and anti-foam then distill at 50°C in the rotary evaporator.

Mandarin syrup:
Mix the mandarin puree, sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved. Strain and pour into a bottle.

Mix lemongrass and raspberry brandy, gin concentrate, mandarin syrup, lemon and sparkling wine.

This recipe was kindly provided by Boris Gröner.