„Waldviertler Surf & Turf“ Sous Vide

  • Waldviertel Sous VideWaldviertler Surf Turf Klaus Holzl
Klaus Hölzl
Level of difficulty:

For 10 servings:

Angus Wagyu oyster blade (Sous Vide):
600 g Angus Wagyu oyster blade
Sea salt (fleur de sel)

Carp milt:
200 g carp milt
Unrefined rapeseed oil

Potato skin and mushroom stock:
200 g small king trumpet mushrooms
200 g champignons
100 g onion
200 g raw potato skin
1.2 l water

Jerusalem artichoke:
200 g organic Jerusalem artichoke
50 g cream

Hirter Morchl beer onion & mushrooms:
500 ml Hirter Morchl beer
240 ml sugar syrup
120 ml white wine vinegar
200 g white onion
200 g red onion
80 g small king trumpet mushrooms

Buckwheat and blood pancake:
2 organic eggs
150 g buckwheat flour
300 ml milk
80 g pork blood
Unrefined rapeseed oil for frying


Angus Wagyu oyster blade (Sous Vide):
Vacuum seal the meat and cook for 25 minutes at 58 °C in the fusionchef Sous Vide water bath. Grill on grill plate. Slice and season with fleur de sel.

Carp milt:
Season the milt with salt and pepper then fry in oil.

Potato skin and mushroom stock:
Finely chop the king trumpet mushrooms, champignons & onion, then spread out on a tray with the raw potato skins. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 175 °C. Place in cold water and leave to steep for 1½ hours. Strain and boil down. Season with salt and sugar.

Jerusalem artichoke:
Thoroughly wash the Jerusalem artichoke, cut into small cubes and mix in the Thermomix for 20 minutes at 100 °C on level 4. Briefly purée at level 10 until smooth, then season with salt.

Hirter Morchl beer onion & mushrooms:
Use beer, sugar syrup & vinegar to create a broth. Cut onions into pieces and clean the king trumpet mushrooms. Simmer in the broth for 10 minutes then let steep.

Buckwheat and blood pancake:
Mix all ingredients into a dough. Heat grill plate to 200 °C, cover with baking paper then place dough on it. Let dough thicken, place more backing paper on top, turn the pancakes over & finish cooking. Cut with a round cookie cutter.

This recipe from the qualifying round of “JUNGE WILDE 2019” was kindly provided by Klaus Hölzl (finalist). Photo: ©ROLLING PIN