The Way to Contemporary Cretan Gastronomy

  • The Way to Contemporary Cretan GastronomyCretan Gastronomy En George Stylianoudakis

The first culinary book by one of Greece's top chefs released at the end of July beginning of August.

After many years creating in the art of Gastronomy and having resided in top restaurants worldwide such as the Plaza Athenee (Alain Ducasse), Noma (Rene Redzepi), Quiqui Dacosta of Spain, Cretan chef George Stilianoudakis released his first book entitled, "THE WAY TO CONTEMPORARY CRETAN GASTRONOMY".

 (Read Chef's George Stylianoudakis CV).

The philosophy behind this edition was not to merely present specific recipes.

The intent was to create a publication which includes all "Modern Techniques" presently applied in renowned restaurants worldwide that are easily executed at the hands of professional chefs.
They should be understandable and easily implemented into every kitchen whether in a tavern or a place of fine dining.

In essence, this publication intends to enrich chefs' knowledge through the techniques applied in the recipes so that they can then go on to implement their newfound resources in their own professional kitchens.

For the first time ever, Modern Cretan Cuisine is being presented in a culinary masterful way worthy of any fine dining experience. All products used in the recipes are from Crete.

George Stylianoudakis
180 pages