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New Tips, from the Basics to Expert Knowledge

As a pioneer in the field of Sous Vide, we at fusionchef have not only been dealing with the technology for many years, but also with the diverse topics surrounding the gentle cooking process. In doing so and through intensive cooperation with well-known professional chefs, extensive background knowledge has emerged. 

So that our customers can also benefit from this knowledge, we have extensively expanded the website content on the subject of Sous Vide. Basic knowledge, tips on preparation and vacuuming, application examples, physical basics, and many other items can now be found online and serve as valuable assistance when using the Sous Vide cooking method.

In the Basics category, we provide all the necessary knowledge required for the first successful cooking results using the Sous Vide method. 
The Sous Vide Basics 

Building on the basics, the Sous Vide Expert Knowledge category" provides essential tips and information for the path to professional Sous Vide cooking.
Sous Vide Expert Knowledge

Anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the cooking method will find current training courses and cookbooks as well as interesting recipes on the topic of Sous Vide on our website at