Old fashioned mit Kakao und Kokos Sous Vide

  • Cacao und Coconut old fashioned Sous VideCacao Und Coconut Old Fashioned Alex Kratena
Alex Kratena
Level of difficulty:

Old fashioned (Sous Vide):
500 ml aged rum
100 ml sugar syrup
200 ml filtered water
10 ml Angostura bitters
5 ml orange bitters
100 g shaved cocoa
100 g coconut flakes

Glass: Old fashioned
Method: Pour over ice
Ice: Large ice cube


Old fashioned (Sous Vide):
Vacuum seal all the ingredients together and cook for 5 hours at 65 °C in the fusionchef Sous Vide water bath. Allow to cool and strain through a paper filter.

Before serving, store in a sealed bottle for at least 2 hours at -2 °C in the fridge or -4 °C in the freezer.

Pour 80 ml of old fashioned over ice and serve.

Recipe courtesy of Alex Kratena.