Nashi-Birnen-Sour Sous Vide

  • Nashi Birne Sous VideNashi Birne Alex Kratena
Alex Kratena
Level of difficulty:

Nashi pear base (Sous Vide):
300 g Nashi pears
450 ml Michters Rye Whiskey
150 ml Oloroso Sherry

Dehydrated pear as garnish:
200 g Nashi pears
50 ml 1:1 sugar syrup
0.5 g ascorbic acid
1 atomizer

45 ml Nashi pear base
150 ml of lemon juice
200 ml of honey syrup
10 dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters

Glass: Tumbler
Method: Shake/strain finely
To serve: Dehydrated Nashi pear 
Ice: omit
Servings: 10


Nashi pear base (Sous Vide):
Cut the pear into small pieces and vacuum with whiskey and sherry. Cook for 60 minutes at 80 °C in the fusionchef Sous Vide water bath. Allow it to cool down and strain the liquid through the superbag.

Dehydrated pear as garnish:
Distribute the pear on the bowl of the dehydrator, spray with a mixture of syrup and ascorbic acid. Dehydrate at 56 °C for 8 hours.  Arrange and serve

Add 45 ml base with lemon juice, honey syrup and Peychaud's Bitters to the shaker. Shake with ice until the cocktail is cold and liquid. Strain into a chilled tumbler with a large chunk of ice and garnish with dehydrated pear.

This recipe was kindly provided by Alex Kratena.