Warme Auster mit Marinade Sous Vide

  • Warme Auster mit Marinade Sous VideWarme Austern Erlantzgorostiza
Erlantz Gorostiza
Level of difficulty:

Nr. 1 Sorlut oysters

Pickle sake:
250 g pickle juice (with skins)
100 g Sake
45 g Mirin
30 g mint leaves
2 g fine salt
20 g sugar
45 g line juice

Light marinade (sous vide):
1 garlic bulb
3 medium-sized onions
3 carrots
3 shallots
2 celery sticks
250 g Manzanilla (wine)
250 g white wine
1125 g Sherry vinegar
3 l chicken stock
250 g olive oil

Pickled shallots:
100 g apple vinegar
70 g acacia honey
60 g mineral water
2 g black pepper, coarsely ground
2 g fresh Thyme
50 g shallots


Open the oysters very carefully so they stay intact. Collect the water from the oysters in a container and wash the oysters in it.

Pickle sake:
Extract the juice from the pickles with skin. Mix the pickle juice with all the other ingredients except the lime juice. Leave to soak for 15 minutes and push through a fine sieve. Add the lime juice and mix everything together well. Freeze in a flash freezer and mix every 5 minutes to make an intensely green sorbet.

Light marinade (sous vide):
Poach the garlic, then the rest of the vegetables in oil on low temperature. After the vegetables are poached, reduce with the Manzanilla and the white wine until the liquid is boiled away. Add the vinegars and let it cook for 15 minutes to reduce the vinegar bite and let cook until reduced by half.
Pour the finished marinade through a fine sieve and separate the vegetables from the marinade broth. Put everything aside.
Mix a portion of the marinade broth along with the vegetables in a Thermomix to make a creamy and delicate marinade cream. Fill the cream in a dosage bottle and warm in a fusionchef water bath at 70 ˚C.
Keep the other part of the marinade for the oysters also at 70 ˚C in a fusionchef water bath. When necessary, add a little Xantana to the marinade cream to thicken.

Pickled shallots:
Heat all the ingredients except the shallots. Cut the shallots in discs and add to the other ingredients. Let them cook for 5 minutes. Take off the cooking area, cover with plastic wrap and store for 12 hours.

Food arrangement:
Decorate your plate with the marinade out of the dosing bottle. Then, in a separate small container, put the oysters and the warm marinade together for 45 seconds then take them out and arrange on the plate with the marinade decoration. To finish, add the pickle sake and two fine rings of the pickled shallots.

This recipe was generously provided by Erlantz Gorostiza.