Angus-Wagyu Schulter, Lakritz, Knoblauch, Hirter Morchl Bier Sous Vide

  • Angus Wagyu Sous VideAngus Wagyu Schulter Lakritz Knoblauch Hirter Morchl Dennis Bachus
Dennis Bachus
Level of difficulty:

Angus-Wagyu shoulder (Sous Vide):
1.2 kg Angus-Wagyu shoulder
1 garlic head
Olive oil
1 tbsp. pepper
800 ml Hirter Morchl beer

Hirter Morchl sauce:
200 ml Hirter Morchl beer
80 g cold butter

Licorice aioli:
50 g licorice
50 g water
1 garlic head
2 egg yolks
40 g mild herb vinegar
1 tsp. licorice root powder
250 g grape seed oil

Licorice root:
145 g flour
100 g whole egg
65 g water
30 g sugar
27 g honey
1.5 g baking powder
1 star anise
Licorice root powder

Tahoon meringue:
50 g Jerusalem artichoke
20 g scallions
125 g water
4 punnets Tahoon cress
5 g albumin

To serve:
Licorice root
Tahoon cress
Wild garlic


Angus-Wagyu shoulder (Sous Vide):
Clean the Angus-Wagyu shoulder. Combine the garlic and olive oil to make a garlic paste and use this as a rub for the meat. Coarsely crush the pepper and season the meat with it. Vacuum seal the meat with the beer. Cook for 2 hours at 52 °C in the fusionchef Sous Vide water bath. Sear the meat briefly and season with salt. The meat pan is then used for the Hirter Morchl sauce.

Hirter Morchl sauce:
Douse the still hot, unwashed pan with beer then add butter to the meat juices. Season with salt.

Licorice aioli:
Slowly heat the licorice in water until it dissolves. Halve the garlic and bake it at 160 °C on a tray with lid for 40 minutes. Wait for the garlic to cool, press it out of the skin then mix it with the dissolved licorice, egg yolks, herb vinegar and licorice root powder. Add oil to make it into a mayonnaise. Use salt to season.

Licorice root:
Make a smooth dough from all ingredients apart from the licorice root powder. Fill into a squeeze bottle and squeeze long threads into a hot oil bath. Season the dough threads with licorice root powder.

Tahoon meringue:
Peel the Jerusalem artichoke and scallions then cook them in water. Mix them with cress and Xanthan; use albumin for whipping. Shape as desired. Dry meringue in the oven at 50 °C for 3 hours.

To serve:
Cut licorice, grate licorice root, drape with Tahoon cress and wild garlic. Grate licorice over the top.

This recipe from the qualifying round of “JUNGE WILDE 2019” was kindly provided by Dennis Bachus. Photo: ©ROLLING PIN