Vegetables & Side dishes

egg 62 °C with broccoli sauce

Danilo Ange
September 2018

Lamb loin, celeriac puree, and coffee

Danilo Ange
May 2020

Parsley Root

Heiko Antoniewicz
March 2015

Kohlrabi | buckwheat | citrus fruits

Benjamin Maerz
July 2020

Cobia, dashi butter, beer straws and Andean potatoes

Florian Wörgötter
November 2020

Egg yellow from a Farmer´s egg

Erlantz Gorostiza
June 2016

Black Angus oyster blade | Celery beer mousse, hay ash, bulb vegetables

Nicolas Rathge
November 2020

Jellied egg with forest mushrooms

Erlantz Gorostiza
April 2016

Rib Fingers, Caramelized Onion, Tarragon, Iceland Moss

Sandra Scheidl
August 2021

Radishes with fresh cheese

Jan Philipp Berner
July 2016

Rose fish with fennel

Jan Philipp Berner
August 2016

Beetroot with tofu and cranberry

René Frank
June 2017

Black Angus Bavette mit Pastinake

Christina Steindl
December 2018

Cream of roasted cauliflower, shrimp tails and coral foam

Danilo Ange
June 2020

Hanging steak from Swabian cattle with salad and onions

Benjamin Maerz
August 2020

„Waldviertler Surf & Turf“

Klaus Hölzl
November 2020

White asparagus on a St. George´s mushroom mayonnaise foam

Erlantz Gorostiza
March 2016

Blue cobia - royal barley – coral

Patrick Landerer
December 2020